Will MySpace’s $20 Million Ad Campaign and relaunch bring it back to life?

Will MySpace’s $20 Million Ad Campaign and relaunch bring it back to life?
MySpace Relaunch
Once upon a time, there was a big giant called MySpace. The giant has been shrinking over time, and it was almost gone and forgotten. The giant recently decided to stand up and fight again; will it win the fight?
MySpace has recently launched its site, and joined it with a $20 Million Ad campaign that will run across broadcast, radio and digital media.
So what’s unique about MySpace? According to Specific Media’s CEO & COO, the network focuses on its creative individuals, mainly in the music industry.
2 spots of its new ad campaign were released to Adweek showing young hipsters dancing, smashing instruments…etc. The campaign will also show a few notable figures like Pharrell, Santigold and Mac Miller.
"We really wanted to really represent the people that make this brand. Because it's not us in this room—we're the guys behind the scenes. But it's really about the community. The tone and spirit ... it's irreverent, slightly anarchistic, that's the tone and the attitude and the feeling," said Christian Parkes, head of marketing at Myspace.
Justin Timberlake, who came as an investor when news corp sold MySpace in 2011, is obviously trying to give a direction to network, also tweeted about relaunch.
MySpace, who’s been struggling with brand identity, is finally working on attaching itself with one – Music and Creativity.
Do you think this will give MySpace a chance to survive? – I doubt.