SEO Case Study: Adorable Ones SEO Analysis & Recommendations

 SEO Case Study: Adorable Ones SEO Analysis & Recommendations

Traffic Analysis

- Traffic Sources: Most of the site’s traffic is Direct Traffic. People are directly accessing the site.
- Search Engine Traffic: Most of your SE visitors came to your site while googling the site’s name. So those too already knew your site, and you couldn’t get new visitors looking for items available in your site.
- Social Traffic: You only have 70 visits from Social Media sites, from Linkedin, Facebook & Google+. None are from Twitter.
 Site SEO Analysis
How Google Sees your site

How Google sees your site

1 -  PageRank of site is 1/10 Last snapshot of the homepage was taken (archived on Jan 15th) which means that:
a) the site is not as frequently updated as needed,
b) there aren’t enough visits and backlines to the site.

Text version of the page - SEO

2-  This is a text version taken from Google for your site. This means that of your content is actually not recognized or seen by the search engine as:
a) you’re using Flash,
b) you’re using images without alt tag.

Total indexed pages: 1190 This means that Google has archived 1190 pages from your site. URLs Since your site uses parameters instead of URLS, Google was unable to figure out whether or not they are duplicate or lead to different content. This negatively affects the number of indexed pages in the SE. It needs to be identified as important of not important in webmaster tools (Under URL parameters). Ex:

Multiple Languages and Duplicate Content

Arabic and English interfaces share the same URLs. When in Arabic page, clicking on any link will send you to an English Page, then it arabizes the page, just as if it’s using Google Translate. This also affects the indexing of pages in SE. You have duplicated URLs sending to same page: &  &  This might cause the site a penalty from Google and will dilute the PageRank of the site and its importance in the search engine.

Logo, which is the most important image in the homepage, doesn’t have an alt tag. Many of your images are missing the alt tag that is necessary for search engines. This will make you lose traffic to images and will affect the searchability of the page as the image will support the weight of targeted keyword of the site.
Text/HTML ratio 11.58% for the homepage, which means that there’s so much code and very little content compared to it. This is critical and will affect the SEO of your site. You need to put more text in the page.
As you can see from the text version of the archived page in Google, it still cannot see Flash. This makes your page looks like empty page, and pushes your content down the page and makes it below the fold, and harder to be reached by the user. This will also affect the usability of your site. Check the screenshot below, the visible content from the page doesn’t tell much about the site for new users. You need to either replace the flash or redesign the page to add more content to it, and have the flash as a supporting item and not a main item in the page.

Above the fold - SEO
Title of your homepage misses your most important keywords. Titles of your category pages miss targeted keywords. Titles of your items need to be re-organized. There’s a duplication in your titles whenever there’s pagination in your items.
You don’t have description tags in your pages, Which:
a) Affects the searchability of your pages
b) Shows meaningless results from your site. See how a result in SERP is shown to users. Keywords Your site is missing both the needed keywords, and the utilization of those keywords in your titles, descriptions, links, title tag for links, alt image attributes and your site description.
Arabic Translation
Arabic translation for many terms is weak. Like the translation of home (manzel), and mixed items (3anaser mokhtalata). This might affect the credibility of the site. Same page URL would appear in Arabic & English. This will make you loose all potential Arabic Traffic and might cause a penalty later.
Header Tags (H Tags)
In general, there’s a misuse of header tags in your site. There’s no H1 tag in your homepage or internal pages. H2 and above, are not used for relevant/targeted keywords for your site.
XML Sitemap/HTML Sitemap
Your site is missing the needed XML Sitemap. Your site is missing the needed HTML Sitemap.
Title Tag for links
Your links are missing the needed title tags. Having that will explain the content of your links to search engines and increase the density of your targeted keywords in each page.
Server and Pages Errors
There are too many 404 errors in your site , which either means that many pages are being deleted for some reason, or that the server/database is down for too long. There are also 5 server errors, which confirms issues with your server. You have 1,682 other sites hosted on your server. This means that you’re sharing the speed and space with that number of sites.
Site Speed & Performance Speed: Slower than 84% of tested websites. Load time is 8.62s & Page Size is 2.3MB. There’s too much internal JS & CSS and no caching for the site which makes the page load time high, and will also affect the performance of the server.
This will negatively affect the accessibility and indexing of the site.
Google Webmaster Tools

Account has been created & verified. It can be accessed through

Keywords Recommendations for HP

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 SEO Recommendations
 Site/Page Performance:
Java Script: Use external Java Script.
CSS: Combine external css.
Caching: Leverage browser caching.
Downloads: Parallelize downloads across hostnames.
Server & Database: A stress test needs to be conducted on your server and database by the developer, to work on the needed fixes. I also recommend asking your host for more space, or for a dedicated server if you have the budget.
Language: Instead of Google translate API, translate the pages.
Rule: You need to have different URLs for the different languages.
External Links/Backlinks: You need to get external sites to link back to you with your targeted keywords (like blogs, news sites, magazines…etc.).
Internal Links: You need to use title tag for links.
Rule: title tag for link = title of destination page. Use [Next – Previous] in your item pages, to strengthen the interconnection of your pages to give them more exposure for both visitors and search engines.
Titles of Pages: Each page should have a unique title. Also make sure that Arabic and English pages will have their respective language and will not share the same.
Rule: In category page, I recommend adding more to the title, example: instead of bitsy buttercup, bitsy butter cup boutique. In item page, attach the category to the end of the title.
Descriptions: You need to add description tag to your pages, that is unique to each page.
Rule: description for homepage = description of site.
Description of item page = description of item.
Description of categories & other pages = title of page. If there’s pagination, use page number in the description.
Images: All images should have alt image attribute to describe that image.
Flash: You need to either replace flash with dynamic html or push it down and minimize its size to give exposure to your most important item in the homepage – The Call to Action, or what you need your visitors to do.
URLs: You should have friendly URLs in your site, and never have duplicate URLs sending to the same page.
Rules: Use SEO modules in Joomla and make sure that it will change all urls to SEO friendly ones.  Use 301 redirect to redirect all duplicate URLs to a unique one.
XML Sitemap: you need to have 2 xml sitemaps for both your site pages and images. Once done, it needs to be submitted to google webmaster tools.
Rule: the sitemap needs to be automatically updated using a cron job from the server.
HTML Sitemap: You need to have an html sitemap page that is linked from the footer of all of your pages.
Indexing & Usability: Homepage: Your homepage is what will make visitors from SE. This is critical for both: Search Engines and Visitors from Search Engines.
Rules: You need to add more descriptive content to your site.
I recommend revamping the page where you minimize the header and remove the flash and focus more on a descriptive paragraph with an image and a big call to action. If you need your visitors to buy, they need to see that on top from the first second. Use the recommended keywords in your description tag, descriptive paragraph, site slogan and alt image for your logo. Use alt tag for your logo and make it your H1 tag. Your H2 tag will be your descriptive paragraph. Your H3 tags will be the names of your categories. Example: