Your 101 Google Adwords Setup Guide – Part 2

Your 101 Google Adwords Setup Guide – Part 2

This part is more into keywords, adding keywords list to the ad groups and growing t
his list.
11- Start adding your keywords to your ad groups. (Go back to part one where we 
talked about keywords.)
- Adwords will also give you more suggested keywords (as in the box to the right in 
the below image), and suggests the keywords tool to you (Which we’ll talk about 

Adding Keywords to Ad groups
12- You can also copy your keywords to more than one ad group, by selecting the 
keywords you want to copy, and then going to More actions and select Copy.

copying keywords to ad groups
13- Once you select copy, a pop-up will ask you to select your campaign and ad group.
- You can also copy the bid and the destination url.

Selectng the destination ad group for your copied keywords

Copying your keywords to an ad group

14- Keyword Tool: You can use this tool by going to Tools and Analysis from the top 
and then selecting Keyword Tool

Adwords - Keyword Tool

15- You can find keywords by adding a word or phrase in the first text box, &/or use a 
website url in the 2nd text box, &/or selecting/typing a category in the 3rd text box.

Finding Keywords Using Keyword Tool

16- There are 2 tabs in the middle of the page: Keywords Ideas & Ad group Ideas.
- The 1st one will simple save the keywords you select and then move them to the ad 
group you select from top, or when you select Add to Account below that tab.
- The 2nd one will actually create ad groups (new) based on the themes of those 
keywords, which is awesome and will save you time!

Keyword Ideas & Ad Group Ideas

17- Once you select/save your keywords and click on Add to account, you’ll need to 
select your campaign and ad group (as previously mentioned).

Adding Keywords to Your Account

Stay tuned for Part 3.