SEO Case Study - Let's Sale Website

SEO Case Study - Let's Sale Website

This time i'm doing a quick review for a new website (, based on a friend's request.

Let's Sale, as per their "About Us" page, is the FIRST portal that gives you the chance to upload, manage and sell you deal online! portal has everything you want to promote your business deals online. The playground is yours! ALL DEALERS, everywhere are invited to this experiment.

With, dealers can watch their business activity(Today orders, pending orders, deals visits, and more..,), plus we give them an overview statistics about the covered cities, most wanted categories, and their sale activity..

Here's my quick SEO review for the site:

1-      URLS: a) Duplication: there are multiple (Duplicate) URLs for the main page. b) Friendly URLs: many URLs use special characters like (?). This needs to be avoided.
2-      Titles: Duplicate Titles - Most pages have the same title (same as main page).
3-      Description: There’s no description tag in pages.
4-      Header Tags: There are no header tags in pages, especially in the main page.
5-      Alt Image Attribute: Alt Image attribute is not used in the site.
6-      HTML sitemap: There’s no HTML sitemap.
7-      XML sitemap: There’s no XML sitemap.
8-      Analytics: There’s no analytics tools used (No Google Analytics).
9-      Links Title Tag: There’s no title tag for links.
10-   Robots.txt: There’s no robots.txt file used.

Mais SEO Score for Let's Sale is: 1/10

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