SEO Diagnosis and Troubleshooting Steps

SEO Diagnosis and Troubleshooting Tips

SEO Diagnosis and Troubleshooting Steps:

If you had a drop in your Search Engine Traffic, please go through the following steps:

1) Check your xml sitemap on Google Webmaster Tools and look for any errors
2) Make sure that all your xmls are updated and their dates are correct
3) Check the number of indexed pages in Google
4) Check your top referring sites
5) Check your rankings on your top keywords
6) Check the number of keywords in Google Analytics for that day
7) Look for duplicate content (titles, descriptions, body of page) or urls in your site. The duplicate content can be within your site, the network or with other sites in the web
8) Look for other kinds of spam: Like hidden text, links to bad neighborhood, keywords stuffing and anything that could be an attempt to deceive the search engine
9) Make sure that your pages have enough content that can be provided for the search engine. Keep in mind that search engines always look for unique and valuable content to add it to their indices and to provide it to their users
10) Check your robots.txt file and see if you blocked anything accidentally
11) Check your meta robots tags in your pages and see if you blocked anything accidentally
12) Make sure that your site doesn’t go down too frequently or for too long
13) Make sure that you don’t have issues with your database
14) Check your redirect: If you’re redirecting some urls to other urls make sure that it’s working (301 redirect)

Final note:

If your PageRank is suddenly zero and the number of indexed pages in dropping, then you’re facing a penalty by Google. You need to make sure that you don’t have any kind of spam on your site.