SEO Site Structure - Introduction (Updated)

SEO Site Structure - Introduction

Now that we defined our goals, knew the customers we're targeting and  did the research needed for our right keywords, we need to start on the site's structure.

What is Site Structure?

It's the site’s navigation structure, the look and feel of site (Design), the layout and structure of various elements on page and across the pages of the site.
What should i do?
Start planning! Yes, building the site also needs planning. It's not a matter of accumulating pages without proper navigation, design, interlinking of site pages...etc. It's not about having a Cool-looking site, or animated homepage or flash menus.
Think customer, think search engine, think like a trainer working on his training material or presentation, think of yourself reading a newspaper. What are the things that you look for first? What are the things that you ignore.
What do you usually need to build and launch a site?
Domain name, Host, Code, Design and content.

So the previously mentioned components defines:

a) How your site is built and how it works
b) How it looks
c) How it's connected and How easy of difficult is it to navigate through it
d) How helpful and relevant the content your website has
e) How's the content is written and presented
f) Where you placed your content and how easy or difficult is it for site users to find it.