Your 101 SEO Checklist for Site Structure

Site Structure - Clean site foundation checklist:
  1.     Your code is clean and error free
  2.     Your Java script code is in an external .js file and not on-page
  3.     Your CSS is in an external file and not on-page
  4.     Your pages are easy to navigate.
  5.     Your pages are well connected to each other.
  6.     Your site doesn't have frames.
  7.     Your site doesn't have flash or java script navigation.
  8.     Your text is a text on the page and not contained within Flash or an image.
  9.     Your most important pages shouldn’t be more than one click away from your homepage. Your content shouldn't be deep buried in your site. It should be easily accessed by both visitors and search engines.
  10.     Your pages can be reached from at least one static text link.
  11.     Your site has a tag cloud or clear categorization with text links, covering and focusing on your most important keywords, to send PageRank heat to all your pages.