SEO Case Study - Addustour Newspaper

SEO Case Study - Addustour Newspaper

Addustour newspaper or جريدة الدستور is a local Jordanian newspaper, and one of the very first ones in the country.
They have pretty good Arabic content wind as the site is not optimized for search engines and many pages of content disappear from search engines because of the poor optimization.

I will list 11 things they should do to have the basics (different than the ones mentioned in my SEO 101 checklist mentioned earlier)

  1. Titles: There are many duplicate and non-descriptive titles. For example, title tag for category page have the same title as the homepage. Check this as an example:

  1. Site Structure or Breadcrumbs: There aren't any in the site. This makes it confusing for both search engines and users when they try to reach out to deep buried content.
  2. Description tag: Please use description tag for your pages.
  3. Images' Alt attribute: None of the images has alt image attribute.
  4. Anchor text/Title tag for links: Many text links in the site are non-descriptive and don't have descriptive title tag/anchor text.
  5. Archiving for online pages: Some content will continue to benefit online users and searches to it still needs to be online and archived. Trying to find an old piece of content through Google is mission impossible. Help users to access your pages to allow the search engine to help you more.
  6. Header Tags: There aren't any header tags in the site.
  7. URLs: a) The urls here are scary. Please optimize them! Check this one for example:\LocalAndGover\2012\08\LocalAndGover_issue1755_day07_id430892.htm b) They don't have the targeted keywords c) There are duplicated urls ( and
  8. XML sitemap: The site needs to have xml sitemap, which doesn't currently exist.
  9. HTML sitemap: There needs tobe an html sitemap for the site, which doesn't currently exist. 
  10. Social Media: Yes, there's a toolbox for social media to share the content, but there needs to be a more interactive social media marketing plan. For example, there are only 19 shares of addustour main page to google plus until the time this post was written.
    And the result is.... When you search for a news piece that is in addustour, you'll not find it in the top 3 results in the SERP:

    addustour in SERP - The story we were looking for... and it was actually featured on the main page
    Of course, there are more things that needs to be fixed, but the above can be a good start.
    Mais SEO Score for addustour is: 2/10

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