Google PageRank #infographic

What is Google PageRank?#infographic

It's Google's view of the importance of the page.The higher the PageRank of the page is, the better its chance to show

on top of Search Engine Results Pages.

It was named after the co-founder and ceo of Google, Larry Page, who had a vision about the perfect search engine and how results should show to searchers.He, along with co-founder Sergey Brin first developed that at Stanford

How can i see my PageRank?

You can download Google Toolbar, enable PageRank and then move the cursor over the PageRank Icon in the toolbar.

Google PageRank - Toolbar
How can i increase my PageRank?
Through increasing the number of quality backlinks to your site/page. This of the backlink as a vote from other sites to yours, the more votes you have, the more love you get from search engines.
Backinking is a topic on its own. I'll come back to it later.
How does it affect my site pages?
PageRank also flows through links from one page to another.So, again, the way you build your site affects the way PageRank flows to your pages, and hence the way Google sees their importance.
Here's an example of how PageRank flows through the pages of your site - let's call it Sun Heat flow:
Google PageRank #infographic
Google PageRank Flow - Sun Heat Flow